Information and Digital Literacy Framework

The University Of Sheffield Library

Being Information and Digitally literate is a Sheffield Graduate attribute.  The University Library has developed a framework for information and digital literacy, created over the past two years in partnership with staff from across the University, so from academic teaching staff, the Technology Enhanced Learning team, MOOC team, Creative Media and more.

Information and digital literacy (IDL) ... blends information literacies with digital capabilities transcending technological skills and tools to identify with learning, living and working in a fluid digital world.
IDL Framework

Using appreciative inquiry, this was developed as a tool to reflect the information and digital literacies students develop during their time at university and to give structure to the Library’s offer in this area.  The framework has received endorsement from the University’s Learning and Teaching Committee and is being operationalised through work in the curriculum by our Faculty Engagement Team, and in our online tutorials and face to face workshops.

The framework is based around 6 key literacies, at 3 different levels: novice, intermediate, and expert.

To support Information and Digital Literacy at The University Of Sheffield Library we provide both online and face to face support in the form of online tutorials, which can be embedded into the VLE within courses or used as standalone support, and a series of extra-curricula workshops which any student can sign up for:

What is Information and Digital Literacy?
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